Monday, March 26, 2007

Imaginative Musik

Well, I feel like if there was a kind of mistery going on and it's like in the jungle because you can feeel like a jungle feeling due to the many drums. This kind of musik is also kind of modern so it o makes me feel like a New York descriptive life musik like in a place where the where many bars and discos in the 80' where there was like a time where Jazz was hear a lot in the large cities. It also makes me feel like active and it makes me coordinate or follow the rythmth.

This piece of musik makes me remember a scene in the Lord Of The Rings where there is a celebration and two little men start dancing on top of a table drinking a lot of beer in jars. This musik has a feeling of cowboys celebrating with banjos and drinking a lot of beer to celebrate the party. It also has a scence of kind of Scotish musik because there are many floutes and instruments from Scottland. This musik expresess tradition from a long away town from the cities in the middle of nowhere, where people is happy and has their way of making their stuff or celebrating their memorial days. This musik also makes me think that musik could bring you to another world with just the rythmth. This musik is also very happy and makes you the mood of them musik and your mode and it gives you reasons to not be in a bad mood and it shows that life is happy as a party.

This musik makes me feel like in China with African people singing with the Chinese rythmth and it makes me feel like that person was telling a tale to some children from the city of town from where the African is from. This musik express some kind of culture from the Africans and this show a mix of rythmth and the style of musik of different people.

Friday, March 23, 2007

TLP Reflection

TLP (Teen Life Project) is now over and English classes now become again normal. The Teen Life Project leaves me a great experience of working together with people from other countries in a high technology investigation and creation of a documentary and posts. This TLP was a great idea and I think that many schools around the world should do it because is an awesome way of learning, working, and the most important interacting with other people around the world with extremely different cultures as ours.

The part of making post was like a way of expressing yourself, the way you live, and the places where you live to other people around the world in this case the schools we where working with. These people look at this and have a kind of view of how you are in personality and the way you live in your country. Also the post we did where about our knowledge related to the topic we chose to do on the project.

The part of making a video on the topic you made was the most difficult but kind of fun part. Our class made several recording of video and put them all together in a file and send it to the other schools so the can do modifications to it and edit it and put music to it including voice recording and sound effects.

This project also was related with a lot of computer and high technology knowledge to make the documentary and the post come possible. The good part was that we got graded on doing this project that was cool but the bad thing is that is now over and we have now regular classes even though we will be still using our spaces in the web that are our blogs in blogger.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela, Druglord, Terrorist and kidnapper

On the t.v. news, about 3 years ago the only thing they mentioned was the capture of Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela after being accused of exporting by ship 150 kilograms of cocaine to the U.S.A in the year of 1990. I didn't take care of it much but my grandfather was really focused on that case eand he wanted for Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela to be captured and extorcionated to the U.S.A.
Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela was a 65 years old “narco” or drug lord who manifested his base on Cali, Colombia and from there he did his exportation of cocaine and other drugs. Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela was called in Spanish term "El Ajedrecista" and in English term "The Chess Man" or "The Chess Player". On the TV news, about 3 years ago the only thing they mentioned was the capture of Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela after being accused of exporting by ship 150 kilograms of cocaine to the U.S.A in the year of 1990. I didn't take care of it much but my grandfather was really focused on that case and he wanted for Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela to be captured and extortionated to the U.S.A.
Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela “The Chess Player" rise after the fall of another “narco” or drug lord that is worldwide known that was named Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria who was in the five most richest persons in the world. The post of Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria is doing it my friend Sebastian. Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela and his brother Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela where together selling drugs. Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela was the founder of the Cali Cartel with his brother Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela and José Santacruz Londoño. Their Cartel was know to be very dangerous and violent for the kidnapping and menaces they did as a plan to play with the authorities and tried t hide themselves using the people kidnapped as a distraction. I know this part of information by the news.
Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela was called the chess man because of his ability to be a step ahead of his rivals and the police. After all the bad things this brother made, they were captured and the freed and then captured again because the continued doing the same "Business".
What I learned from this story is that the path of being a drug lord, kidnapper, and terrorist (not so much but yes), will give you huge amounts of money but you wont ever again have a peaceful life because in your mind there will always be the memories of the people you killed not by only traficating drugs to delinquents but killing police and all that. Also is better to have an honest not violent job that may never give motives to other people to kill you or chase you.

What I think is that the people who take this path will never have a peaceful life because even though they take conscience and pull back, they will now forever that they had already done many bad things and that it was too late to pull back.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

9/11 the terrorist attacks

On September 11,2001 it was a normal day in America till about 9:00am an airplane United Airlines flight 175, a Boeing 767-222 crashed to the World Trade Center known as the twin tower south tower after a American Airline flight 11, a Boeing 767 Crashed on the north tower at 8:46. This event happened after Islam hijackers took control of these airplanes who where part of the famous terrorist group that was attacking the Liban named the Al Qaeda. Osama Bin Laden the most searched terrorist in the world, had send threats to the United states of America about a terrorists attack and on 9/11 he made this threat become true. New York was not the only state or city attacked, also Washington D.C. received an attack of an airplane whose target was direct hit to the Pentagon. In total there where four airplanes hijacked but this last airplane, with a unknown target and believed to be targeted to the White House, was crashed during flight due to the courage of the tribulation who apply for on the attackers and forced the airplane to crash before reaching it's target. This airplane was the famous United 93 who recently was based its story to a drama and action movie name Flight 93 or United 93. It's believed that the United 93 had crashed in a local time of 10:03 in Pennsylvania.

There are rumors that after the crash of the airplane of the North tower and all the fire maked the tower collapse minutes later, people from the southern tower tried to evacuate but the police officers that where protecting the building said that the attack was only in the northern tower and that that the southern tower was saved; so the people returned to work and few time later the second impact happened. Today the area where the twin towers or World Trade Center is located is called the Zero Zone.

On the Zero Zone there was few years ago a huge hole and there you could see the subway train route crossing through that area all destroyed. In front of that place there is a huge memorial plaque with all the names and descriptions of the victims in the terrorist attack.

On the Memorial Day each year on the day 11 of September, president from the United States George Washington Bush, visits the place where the United 93 felled down and after, he visits the World Trade Center Zero zone. He visits that place where the United 93 felled down first because he wants to bring honor to the courage of the people who protected the United States from another impact scarifying their lives.

I can remember that on the 9 of September of 2001 it was a normal day at our school (George Washing School), and suddenly we had to leave the school early because of the terrorist attacks. Once I arrived home I saw the news and I didn’t care about it much because I was about 7 years old and I didn't really know what was going on.

Saturday, February 17, 2007 as hell

Iraq few years ago was invaded by the U.S. in search of the president Saddam Hussein. The capital Baghdad was bombed and about half of its population was killed. After a time Saddam Hussein was captured, the killing of people in Iraq slowed down. Last year, in the 2006 Saddam Hussein was executed.

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, visited Iraq and its prime minister and she admitted that she was impressed with the security plan that they had made and its awesome results. She stated that the morgue was receiving 40 to 50 bodies per day before and now the morgue is receiving about 20 in the surrounding 48 hours.

The secretary Condoleezza Rice also said that the U.S. is trying to help Iraq and the surrounding countries to improve he refugees system by creating more for the displaced families. After her meeting with the prime minister she went to Israel to talk about the peace treatment.

I really think this is important because this helps into make an agreement of peace from the U.S. to the countries in the Middle East because the less the people die, the more changes the nations will see. Compared to times before, this crisis has really improved due to the countdown of dead people have improved and also that the country could have a stable security system without no problems and letting the nation fully develop. I inference that this means that the "war" must get over in some near time and that Osama Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda group will stop doing all does bad things and surrender to justice.

I've learned a lot of this by articles in magazines, internet, and any other communication network, and also a lot of what I’ve seen on the T.V. of news and al that kind of stuff. I am really happy that this event of security programs and planning is working and I will always find it memorable because is really amazing that from a short time to now, the death count of the war countries have improved extremely.

Well this article that I read really makes me think on the Middle East and focus on it and try to combine it with the topic that I am doing. I guess this combination that I want to do will be interesting and that will really help in the TLP and all the post that I will futurely be doing. My friend Sebastian and I will try to expand our topic of terrorism and kidnapping to everything related to the Al Qaeda and the Middle East new of the countries in war with the U.S. that is an ally with our country Colombia. Maybe we will involve some politics as the threat of Venezuela to the U.S. and their agreement of helping Cuba with the Russian Communism. I hope the U.S. and its relationship with the middle countries improve because after that happens, I'm sure that the U.S. will help us in Colombia to vanish the terrorism and to fumigate all the cocaine farmlands and bring peace to our little beautiful country.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Terrorism in Colombia

In Colombia, there is a big political discussion going on. The topic is how to stop the many terrorist groups there are affecting civil and government establishments. The war between the Colombian government and the many groups between themselves could be called a civil war. Because Colombia has a great diversity in plants and huge forestry zones, most of the terrorism groups hide there because inside the dark forest, no military forces could find them and they spend a long time learning the routes to get in and not get lost. On front of the entrance of the forest, the terrorist groups place some destruction mines and they make a plan so the government’s military forces fall on it and themselves don't.

The main groups are FARC (Colombian Armed Revolutionary Forces), ELN (National Liberation Army) and the Guerrilla. The similarities between FARC and ELN is that both are representing the poor unwealthy farmers and poor people attacking the wealthy rich people; even though they both basically have the same plan, they are enemy and the FARC is constantly threatening the ELN.

The FARC and the ELN are militarized groups as I have already said but the biggest difference between them and the Guerrilla is that the Guerrilla are hidden between us because they look like normal civil and the ELN and the FARC are most of the times with military uniforms. The ELN and FARC have incautivated many millions of pesos due to the kidnapping they do and the reward that is pay to them to let free the kidnapped person.

Because the FARC and the ELN are in the forest, they send different people on big cars to search for food and personal needs items to the city. The Colombian army realized that and they put security patrol police that are on the highways so when a car passes with a lot of food on it they realize that it may be from the terrorist groups so the officers stop the car and ask for license and the owners personal documents plus they make a quick checking to see if the have some drugs on the car.

These groups hide the food underground in certain places so only when they really need it they search for it and hide it all over again. The FARC counts on about 12,000 to 18,000 military servants from a child to a old man. The FARC has children, women, old veterans, and obviously young men. The FARC and the ELN use the Colombian rivers as a mayor trading route of weapons and Cocaine and any other type of illegal drugs.

On the movies people talk of Colombian as the biggest producer of drugs even though it's true due to terrorism, Colombia is a wonderful country and the government is doing everything to stop this terrorist groups and bring peace to our country. In conclusion terrorism in Colombia is really big, someday those people will recognize that what they are doing is bad and that we could all work together to make peace.


Monday, January 29, 2007

TLP Answer to Social Question Post

Do you have any special places where you and your friends can go and have fun? Well, we have several places where we go to hang out. There is place called Campito 2010 where me and mi friends go to play soccer in an artificial grass soccer field were we don't get hurt when we fall down. We like to listen lot music so the radio station that we most like is called "La Mega" where there the DJ puts a lot of Reggaeton music or Vallenato which is a Colombian music; sometimes the DJ puts some rock. That radio station is the most heard in Cartagena (where my friends and I live) and has a great influence in us.

Another place me and my friends like to go is to the Cartagena club which is a club were there are soccer fields, tennis courts, pools, gym, and many stuff more. We like to go there because is like a meeting point were we meet with our friends from different schools around the city or a different class people. When we do a party we like to dance so we dance mostly Reggaeton which is a Caribbean rhythm or music made in Puerto Rico and Vallenato that is a Colombia Rhythm or music as I've said before and this music is really cool, because you have to do many movements.

Well to organize our selves and determine if we are going out, we use the MSN Messenger to talk to our friend and we ask where and at what our we are going out. In the class we have a very social life and almost all the weekends we go out to hang out with some friends no matter where we are going or when but we do it.

We the boys, sometimes when we want to play soccer instead of going to the Campito 2010we go to a place named by us "la Punta" that means the end or the peak and it receives that name because is at the end of a neighborhood located in a somehow Peninsula where there is a soccer field of sand but the bad things is that is almost always busy and it doesn't has much illumination. Also we go to a friends house (Andres) and he has some small soccer goals and we take them out and put them in the street and play. Sometime we got to the Cartagena Club and play in the soccer field in there.

Another place where we go out and like to hang out is called "El Paseo Peatonal" that is a place where you can walk, ride bike or skates, and go jogging. We like to walk there and because it is by the Bahia it has an interesting view.

When we go out to eat, we almost always we go to Mc Donald’s or to another place where burgers are sell. When we have a big party, we the boys, go to one of us house to change and all that and to wait for the party to start and go all of us together at the same time.

Monday, January 15, 2007

J.D.'s Personal Interesting Facts

Hi! My name is Juan David but my friends call me J.D. I am 12 years old but in a month I’ll be 13 years old because my birthday is on February 15.

Maybe my birthday will be a soccer game in a place called el Campito 2010 where there is a soccer field with artificial grass so when you slide down you won’t get hurt. Beside the Campito 2010 there is a place called the "Carriola" where there people sell the most delicious pizza in Cartagena. My life in Cartagena is about 75%being at school studying and 25% hanging out with my friends. Because in Cartagena there is hot but no too much, it is cool to play soccer. Most of the times that I hang out with my friends, we go to play soccer in some place around. In Cartagena because it is by the Caribbean Sea, we hear all kinds of Caribbean music such as Reggae, Reggaeton, Salsa, and many others.

Life in Cartagena is very cool and the best of this city is that in Cartagena there are many historical places and the old city (A place in Cartagena) is surrounded by walls. In the old city there are the best and most expensive houses because of their size and their old time looking and most of them have pools in it. When you are walking by the old city there you could see many people from Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, U.S., Canadians and many others.

These last two years there has been a lot of building constructions in Cartagena and I am really concerned about them because many people from the outside countries are the ones that are buying all those apartments in the buildings. I think this event is going to improve the city's economy because all these people will talk good about Cartagena and there is going to be much more tourism.

Also, I am really concerned about terrorism in my country because even though Colombia is the best country in the world for I, but it has some insecurity. There are many revolutionary groups such as the FARC (Armed Revolutionary Colombian Forces) that kidnap people and destroy many things. The FARC is one of the mayor causes of why people is afraid to travel by car to distant places because they dress like normal people but they have guns and you don't know if is a FARC member or if it is a normal civil people. Sometimes when you are traveling by car, they dress like an army soldier and make your car stop and you thinking that is a security cause you stop and when you stop, the steel you everything or they kidnap you.

The greatest event that I am concerned is about the poorness in Colombia that is really great. Poorness is a big trouble because it makes the poor people still things and kidnap people to exchange them for money. I think our president is doing a hard effort to improve our country's economy and to make it more secure. The worst of this is that cities get each time more insecure and you feel free because you know that you are in danger of getting robbed. Also the people with cool cars get their paint all scratched and the paint for cars is very expensive.


Saturday, October 28, 2006

Stuco in Halloween

This month October, STUCO has made a lot of activities due to Halloween. The first activity was a Halloween hunt in witch 8th, 7th, and 6th grade classes had to work together in search of ghost, pumpkin, and a witch figure that were valuable as Eagle points. When the competition started 8th grade was winning but the things changed when Lisette found the witch that was the most valuable figure, it cost 50 points and we passed the 8th graders. When the competition finished we realized that we had win in first place, 8th grade in second place and 6th grade in third place.

The second event was a middle school boy’s soccer tournament that is executed at the recess. Our first soccer game was versus the 8th graders but I didn't get to play that game an unfortunately we lost it. In the second recess the 6 grader beat the 88th graders. In conclusion right now we are the first ones and all of us are very happy. Now we only need to win the next game with the 6th graders and we also need the 8th graders to tie up with 6th grade. If that happens we will win the tournament and the eagle points.

The third event was a door decoration competition. Sincerely most of the boys did anything and girls did every thing. The door was really creative but unfortunately we where in the last place. The girls were really mad and they should be because they did a lot of work, stayed after school, and put all of there effort and all of their time for nothing.

The fourth event is one of the biggest one of the month. I think this event will be difficult to win it because the competition is really great because Ms Alba’s class is very creative and they won the door decoration competition so they are the first ones with more eagle point in middle school the n 7th grade then 6th grade.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Short Story Draft

A big shot pass really close by his head. The people running and srcreaming, the tanks passing trough and destroying buildings with huge soldier armies, and the bombs falling from the air was not such a strange thing in war. A soldier went by and finally shoot him in the head and as soon the silver bullet reached his head he woke up. It was late for school he had to eat breakfast and take a really quick bath and dress up fast. His mother yelled out "Chris the breakfast is ready, I hope you had already taken a bath". Chris quickly ran and took a bath and suddenly his soap fall down and crashed braking in half. Everytging seems to go bad in the irresponasable life of Chris this day. After the big tasty breakfast, he forgot that he hasn't finished his math homework so he ran and open his big old bluebackpack and took his math homework. His mother called him and remembered him that in few days the report cards were coming so to behave good.

Chris came from school as usually at 2:30pm, very tired he eats lunch and then he takes a nap. When Chris wakes up, at 4:00pm he tells his mom, "Mom is time to go to the tennis classes!” His classes are at Club Cartagena.

Once Chris gets to his tennis classes he ask some of his friends that also go to tennis classes, " what homework to we have due tomorrow?"

"Only the computer homework and the math homework" they answered him.
Suddenly he starts analyzing the homework he has to do and he quickly organizes the sequence of homework he is going to do in his head.

When the tennis classes where over, Chris reaches home and starts doing his computer homework on the computer. Suddenly, when Chris was finishing, the computer restarted because the lights went off causing the computer not to turn off but unfortunately, the UPS (device that prevents the computer to shut down but to continue work for a certain time) was not fully charged so it cause the computer to restart. Unluckily Chris hadn't save his job so all his work was ruined.

The UPS discharged and the computer went off as all the things in the house. Chris didn't know what to do, he thought for a moment and an idea come to his head, "Maybe at the Cafe internet on the other streets there is energy”.

He ran and took some money with him to the Cafe internet to finish his home work but on the way he meets with his mother and he remembers to tell her that Robert, Nick and him has an after school detention because they had their shirt tuck out and didn't had a the belt. Chris’s mom was really angry and he told Chris, "you must be back at 11:00pm maximum or you will see what punishment I'M GOING TO APPLY ON YOU”.

Chris runs keeping on mind the words that his mother has told him.

When Chris enters the Cafe internet starts doing his homework and when he was finished he said to the man that worked there, "I'm going to print this work, May I?

"Sorry we have no paper", the man said.

So Chris without thinking it twice, he runs home, gets some paper, and goes back to the cafe internet and presses print. When two of the 5 pages where printed, the computer suddenly went off and the printing sequence stopped. He was really upset and he knew that is was too late to begin all the work again and also to do the math homework.

The climax comes in when Chris returned home very mad and stressed, he got sick because of the tension. He got high fever and his mother really mad but worried asks him, "why didn't you did this homework last week?",His mom said and she give him a lot of remedies to cure him.

"I didn't thought anything of this was going to happened", he answered and fall to sleep. He was really sick and he couldn't go school next day.

In conclusion this story tell us the not to leave the homework to the last moment because you don't know what troubles you may have fortunately Chris couldn't go school the next day so he saved himself of another detention.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

*×{Call Of Duty 2}×*

Hey everybody! This weekend I got a Computer game named "Call of Duty 2" and is a shooting game that is about the World War II. I like this game because is very realistic and has many special effects and also because is very descriptive. This game has different game modes, One is Death match that is when you have to try to beat all your enemies trying to not been defeated by them. The Second mode is Search and Destroy that is when you are in a team even you are an ally (Good Ones: France, Russia, Great Britain and U.S.A) or an Axis (Bad Ones: German Nazis, Italy, and Japan), If you are an axis you have to defend a target that the allies want to destroy. Headquarters is a mode where you go and have to destroy some weird machines but sincerely I like most the team death match that is a death match but in teams.

There are many stages but the ones that I like the most are Stalingard, Russia because is snowy and Toujane, Tunisia that is very simple and not complex like others. I hope you enjoy it trust me is very fun but the most important thing is that it doesn’t take too much space and has very good graphics.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Worst Week!

Well, my worst holiday happen in the week of my birthday! 1)this has involved Suspension, punishment, and blood. It all begin Monday, I was at home having breakfast and I had a feeling that I was missing to do a homework so I called Sergio and I told him all the homework I had done and I asked him if I was missing anything and he told me that all the things I told him was all the homework we had to do for the weekend so I relaxed. Once 2) I got to school, I felt crushed, stressed, and scared once I saw the board and it said Math pages 365 to 367 #1-80 all. I turned ran to my desk and I took out 3) pencils, one pen, and a big white eraser and begin to do the homework before the bell rings and classes begin. Luckily I finished my homework but I was scared for the whole day. Tuesday begin and the countdown for my day was almost over, it was just 24 hours ago from Tuesday morning. I went to school as normal and when the day was almost over, I suddenly begin fighting with Sergio and I got so angry that I threw him a book and unluckily I hit him in the eye and suddenly the Spanish teacher saw Sergio’s eye bleeding a little bit and took me to the office and took Sergio to the nurse. when I was in the office Ms. Miriam gave me a harsh suspension and in that moment 4(I cried, I Suffered, and I think and knew that my birthday party was in danger. 5(Once my mother picked me up at noon, and I got punished. Under the observation my mother, I couldn't watch TV or play anything or even use the computer because of the punishment. 6(As the day transcured, I slept all the day.0) Yes, it seems very boring and trust me it is.

This was the worse weekend I remembered. 8) whenever you have a very bad weekend like I did, remember to relax and try to not stress. Fortunately my party was made and it was a success.

1. Series of objects.
2. Series of modifiers.
3. Series of phrases.
4. Series of independent clauses.
5. Introductory prepositional phrase.
6. Introductory participial phrase.
7. Introductory yes, no, or interjection.
8. Introductory Adverb clause.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

ClicK "ThE mOvIe"

A month ago when "Click" the movie was on theatres, I went to see it. This movie was great because it had a lot of comic parts that makes you laugh. This movie's main character was Adam Sandler which began his career in a MTV show that was a comedy show. Because he did that show so good, people start giving him many contracts.

I went to the theatres with my mom and we didn't know what to watch so we asked the lady that sells the ticket what movie could we watch that is not boring and she told us to watch Click that was just on. When the movie begins I knew that it would be cool. At the end my mom cried because it had some sad parts but the rest of the movie was great because of the comic parts and also I think that because I love comedies movies.

In conclusion I recommend it to anyone who is bored at home and doesn't know what to do to distract them. This movie was great and I hope you enjoy it.

Monday, October 02, 2006

JD Struggles To...

I have many problems in my life but as I always say, you can't escape from them you have to face them and solve them. My way to deal them is to try to see how I could solve it, make ideas to solve it, and finally gather my ideas and solve it. When I have a problem and I am under pressure, I get very stressed and I don't think very well in what I am going to do so I get a little calm and I compare this problem with an other problem I had before and try to make a solution similar to that problem. Also when I have this type of problem, I have a bad habit and is that everyone who mess up with me will get ignored because of my stress. The difference between a under pressure problem and a problem that you have to reflect is that in the problem under pressure the solution is not as good as the problem where you have time to reflect.

Once I had homework and when I was with my friends doing it, once we were done, they gave it to me to bring it to school but I forgot and leaved it home. Suddenly my reaction was to do it at recess and say that we will bring the other half of the job tomorrow to the teacher. My way to try to fix it worked but after that I knew that I had to pay more attention to my homework and try to be more responsible. I got a bad feeling with myself because I knew that the teacher could tell us to be more responsible next time and put us a bad grade. Later I searched for my friends and I told them that I was sorry and I would not do it again so they got a little angry with me but several days later the forgave me.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sports In Cartagena

Here in Cartagena there are many kids and young people who play sports such as Basketball, Baseball, Surf, Skateting, Tennis and many others but specially soccer. Here in Cartagena all kind of people play soccer, from the poorest person to the wealthiest person.

In Cartagena there were the Caribbean Olympic Games that left us many stadium, Scenarios, and fame of good players because we won many gold medals in many sports such as skate, soccer, and weight hold. Cartagena put a lot of effort in making the city look pretty so al the players from the other countries can see it and notice how good and beautiful Cartagena is.

Cartagena has a soccer team named Real Cartagena that was in the second division from the Colombian soccer cup but it got a big improvement and reached the first division. Real Cartagena has made a wonderful job and it was most noticed last year when it reached the final but unfortunately it lost against the team named Deportivo Cali 2-0 the first leg and 1-0 the 2nd leg so in total it lost 3-0 .

I think that Cartagena has a lot of history and a lot of good sports and I think that any day Cartagena will be known globally as city where most of the best sports are played and the city where the best players come from.

Monday, September 25, 2006

My Lived Up Expectations

Well, the blog I made really lived up to my expectations but not all of them because many people of this class has visited in and leave their comments but not all of my expectations have been met because people around the world has not come in my blog and left any comments because Mr. Hide has not announced us to the world. Maintaining a blog is not so hard because you only need to put what you feel about things and this helps you share your opinions with someone that is the world. I feel blogs are an easy way to do homework and to express yourself. At the beginning I thought that it was a bad idea because I thought that if you do your homework and post it and the teacher goes to the computer and somehow he finds out that the post is not there, he will put a bad grade even though the post is there and he can't see it. In technical aspects I had a bad experience because when I was doing my free post, suddenly when I was going to post it, my computer somehow restarted and all my work was lost. Several days later when I was going to do the free post I did it but I noticed that it wasn't good as the other. When I give it to Mr. Hide he put %65 because it was not good enough.

This experience surprised me a lot because I didn't know that I could share all my thoughts with people around the world. Also it surprises me that I learn what does blogging means and how it fells like to do it. Now I fell that blogging is wonderful and I know that I will continue blogging all my thoughts and ideas. I think this is very cool and I think that I will continue learning about it.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Barça my team

I like soccer and FC Barcelona because it has a great soccer, good tactics and very good players.FC Barcelona also known by Barça is a team that plays in the Spanish league and is the best team in the actuality of Europe because it won the 2005-2006 UEFA champions’ league that is a league that collects teams that reached the 1st and second place in the European countries league. FC Barcelona is a team that had also win the Spanish league many times but this year FC Barcelona has made a huge improvement because the new manager frank rijkard had made an excellent work and the president also because recently he bought some new players that are very good and that could make a very big effort for the team.

FC Barcelona has a nemesis that means a big enemy that is the soccer team named Real Madrid and this team is so good that the FIFA named it the best team, of the XX century.

F.C. Barcelona's players, No., Position:

1GK Víctor Valdés
2DF Juliano Belletti
3MF Thiago Motta
4DF Rafael Márquez
5DF Carles Puyol (captain)
6MF Xavi
7FW Eiður Guðjohnsen
8MF Ludovic Giuly
9FW Samuel Eto'o
10MF Ronaldinho
11DF Gianluca Zambrotta
12DF Gio van Bronckhorst


15MF Edmílson
16DF Sylvinho
18FW Santiago Ezquerro
19FW Lionel Messi
20MF Deco
21DF Lilian Thuram
22FW Javier Saviola
23DF Oleguer
24MF Andrés Iniesta
25GK Albert Jorquera
28GK Ruben

I think that all this players are fundamental in FC Barcelona's progress and work because this player had won the world's respect. This team has so good players that in the substitutes, has Lionel Messi the best young player.

Monday, September 18, 2006

ØRead and Fall to SleepØ

This weekend I was bored and didn’t know what to do so I took my backpack and started checking if I had homework left to do but when took and put it on the bed, I realized that the backpack was very heavy and when I opened I saw my English textbook and I remembered that I had to finish a story but I didn't remembered which one I had to read and then I heard my mom scream and she told me to take the broom and when I took it and went upstairs I saw a a pair of rats running and hit them and throw them through the balcony and then suddenly I remembered that the story I had to read was "Three Skeleton Key" and I ran to my room and started reading it.

At the beginning I was completely lost. I didn't understand when they said about the island called "Three Skeleton Key" but immediately I asked Why is it called like that? But I kept reading. When I was in the part were the marine and the safeguard boat arrived and put the food in the boat with gasoline and burn the rats when they reached it, I remembered when I saw the movie called "The Mommy" where this guy came with an torch and put some alcohol in his mouth and blow the torch and burned all of the bugs that were around him. Before I was done reading I fall asleep because the book was too boring and I left the book opened without finish reading it. Even though the story is so boring, I had to finish reading it to make the retell.
In conclusion I don't recomend you this story because is so boring that you will probably end like me, sleeping.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Love to music

Do you like music? Well I do I like a lot of different types of music like techno, rock, vallenato, ect. Music is fun because is easy to make just grab something and start tabbing it to make rhythms. I play the drums and my friends play the guitar and sometimes we get together and make some songs. I love music but sometimes listening too much the same musk it gets a little boring so you should constantly variate to enjoy it. Music is for all kind of ages there are music for babies and music for big adults.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Roger Federer Hits an Ace Off the Tennis Court

Roger Federer champion of a U.S. open again? Wow that's interesting because he is the winner of 7 Grand Slams and the number one tennis player in the world and he is only 24 years old. Roger Federer although he is the best player in the world he is not also good in the tennis court but also outside because in the year 2003 he established a foundation called "The Roger Federer Foundation" who helps the disadvantage young people to play sports. This foundation is located in South Africa where his mother was raised. On April 3, 2006 the UNICEF declared Roger Federer a goodwill ambassador. Roger Federer says that when he was only 3 years old he made his first hit and while he grew up he played soccer and tennis but when he was 12 years old he had to decide in playing soccer or playing tennis and he decided playing tennis and when he was 14 years old he joined the tennis center and when he was 17 years old he won the Wimbledon tournament and so on his career began.

By: Emily Atlas